attaining the self


moksha, the ultimate goal, the final purpose of every being and its existence, is perceived differently by different intellect.

Some conceive it as Knowledge, some as Freedom and some as Enlightment.


a Seeker seeks Knowledge, a Sufferer seeks Freedom, and a Seer seeks Enlightment.

All these metaphors have different meanings but are same in one aspect. What ever faith, religion, or knowledge one may have, all lead to this One theory, this Unification, this Singularity.


During school life I came across a very fine phrase in hindi which explain beautiful use of metaphors in poetry.

The Phrase was Subran ko dhunde phirein, Kavi , Kaami aur Chor

It meant, “Subran”is sought after by Poet, Lover and Thief alike.

Now Subran in sanskrit has multiple meanings and they beautifully fits the desire of the three seekers equally.

Subran means SundarVarn (Beautiful word) which is sought after by a Poet

Subran also means Sundar Chahra (Beautiful Face) which is sought after by a Lover

Subran also means Sona(Gold) which is sought after by a Thief

So, moksha ,one of the most mystic words in sanskrit,  may need infinite metaphors to truly reflect its absolute meaning and also desired by the absolute. is an endeavor to help find what mankind has been trying to find since the dawn of civilization and after so many millenniums gone by, may be, in this digital age, the answers can be truly realized and mankind finds the elixir of knowledge and enlightment.